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Shift Your Consciousness, Radically Redefine Ageing

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If you're a teenager, this is the right time for you to begin rewiring your thoughts and shaping your beliefs. Why is it important to shape your beliefs? Because your beliefs can either bring you longevity, happiness, joy, abundance, wealth and health. Or it can bring you misery, pain and heartache - and consequently, disease. Your beliefs determine how far you will go. And this is the main thing, what you believe in will happen to you. That's the reason why, at this early age, you should have thoughts, beliefs and friends (yes, the people you hang out with most often shape who you are) that empower.
If you're a middle-aged adult, chances are some of your thoughts empower you and some thoughts disempower you. But you've inherited this "package" of thoughts and beliefs from your parents, significant others and from what you have told yourself and you've never really sorted things out. It's time to overhaul this "package of thoughts". Do not continue to believe in things that limit you, that imitate your parents' limiting beliefs and that make you repeat the erroneous thinking of the past. It’s time for a shift in consciousness. It's time to discard thoughts that actually keep you poor, hasten your ageing, and bring to you disease. You should tell yourself that the next 20 years of your life will be more exciting, more abundant and more fulfilling than the last 20 years of your life. This book will help you get started on your journey.
If you're 50 years old and above, they say that at 50 it's downhill all the way. Wrong again. Fifty years old could be the start of a whole new life! World-renowned life coach and international speaker Louise Hay, started realigning her thoughts at age 50. Before that, her thinking was just like the masses of people - negative, disempowering and depressing.
It's not by chance that you picked up this book and are reading this page right now. The Divine Love within you wants to express itself. It wants to manifest itself in your life. Will you give it a chance? It is really up to you. The polarity of your thoughts could change in a wink of an eye. Being consistent with your thoughts to maintain a positive polarity will take a bit more time and a bit more effort. The good news is: there is no time. We invented time. But in the real state of things, time does not exist. The only time there is is NOW. So what will you decide now? Will the process of transformation in you begin now? Already, I urge you to eliminate from your mind this limiting thought: "I am too old to learn this.".... As I say most often to my friends: "There's no such thing as old people; only people with old thoughts." I suggest you enjoy this life and make it worth your while. And since time is on your side (meaning, you have time to do what you want to do) use this time to reach out to you Inner-Self, to that eternal child that is full of hope and yearning, full of joy and wonderment. And watch your life shine.... This book is a gift that you should not deprive yourself of.
To all you cool dudes and cool gals, who want to make a difference in this world, begin by making a difference in yourself first. Then things will begin to move from there.

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