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Living Death: Deliverance (Horror, Zombie Apocalypse, Medical Fiction)

89 pages1 hour


Kenneth Cook, a medical school dropout with a terrible mistake that haunts him to this day, walks the corridors of the hospital, pretending he still has his life on track, pretending he's still working with Jenny, a fellow intern that he's been crushing on since forever. But none of that matters the minute the dead start attacking the living. With his world falling apart and the hospital in complete chaos, his life is saved by a man desperate for someone to help deliver his pregnant wife's baby. Will Kenneth reconcile with his past to pick up his doctor's coat once more and save the vulnerable or abandon a family to certain death as he ignores their plight, choosing to find Jenny and escape instead?

[This story contains zombies, dark pasts, lots of blood, medical procedures, emergencies, drama, lies, betrayal, horror and whatever else you can think of. If you like it, don't keep quiet about it!]

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