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Designer Heads Off

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Let's book it writes on it red rose ink New Jersey rose pink Chanel making History
Hollywood PLASTIC SURGEON Feeling so silken KEEP YOUR SMILE AND chin up
Designer heads off make it your read winning coffee cup Be tough walk like you never walked even when you had enough
Two heads and crown of tiara make my royal cup like Niagara Falls Victorian heavenly secretive .. Hollywood plastic surgeon he so inventive
Transform anyone out of a virgin living it up live first or die looking fashionably late
Hey Designers no time to cry smudge your pretty liners lets have hope and faith.
This is New York City Lets go Hollywood Fashionista chill my margaritas. .Capitol of Milan goes Moshinno Italian designer I love Italy. The greener the money fashion gear way to go Germany
I need my lucky Blazing book of a trailer. Phobias of new fashion I want the world to know Cat eyes risky business that’s show business
Check it out Designer Heads Off Robin’ Rare birdie tweet touch every designer page of your red bloody heart it's only the beginning just you wait .Designer Heads Off Designer Heads off
Designer having fun female sun warmed the book land bitten so smitten Vampire love bite what made you so hooked on a designer your thinking cap heads on but got sold on the book Designer Heads Off.

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