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Glass Hours

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Heiress Caroline Lyndfield is still mourning the loss of her great love when she walks into a scene so gruesome that it literally casts her into a future distant from anything she'd ever known. Injured and alone in our present, this Victorian young woman must somehow prove to the world that she is who she claims to be and that she had nothing to do with the death of her father. She isn't sure whether the adjustment to life more than a hundred years in her future is made harder or easier by the presence of people who so closely remind her of people from her past--a resemblance so close that she can't help but wonder whether their very souls might be connected.

Jake Stanton is doing a job--writing a history of the Lyndfield family. He's sure he knows the way that history ends, with the death and destruction of everyone, possibly at the hands of Caroline. He's also sure that this present-day Caroline simply cannot be who she claims to be. People don't just step forward across more than a hundred years of history--and even if they did, claims of some psychic connection are simply silly. Still, as he spends time with Caroline, Jake begins to develop feelings for her--including but certainly not limited to an almost magnetic sexual attraction, almost as if they really did share a past and have linked souls.

Mitchell Johnston lost one dream already when the foundation hired Jake Stanton to write the history Mitchell is certain should have been his. When Caroline appears, Mitchell knows that he's on the verge of something important. Unlike Jake, Mitchell believes in Caroline. He desperately wants to learn the secret of how she traveled through time. As much as he desires that knowledge, however, he wants Caroline herself, even more. He sees himself as connected to Caroline's long-dead fiance, and he'll break every rule, destroy every obstacle, in order to have Caroline all to himself.

Author Cathy Richard Dodson spins a brooding story of dark desires, passions untamed by convention or law, and a love that ties together souls not only in one moment, but across the centuries. Dodson's blend of contemporary romance, paranormal time travel, and a strong sense of gothic adventure will appeal both to romance readers who long for a return of the gothic, and to readers who enjoy a compelling character-driven story.

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