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Anecdotal Evidence

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Rick Hosking has lived a life most of us only dream about while we work in our mundane jobs enduring the daily grind. For the last half century he has lived in hippy communes, island hopped around innumerable exotic locations and managed to get himself into - and out of - some sticky situations that you could only laugh about much later.
Enjoy a fascinating look into the tantalising and colourful life of this world wanderer in his first eBook. Hosking recounts 16 of his most interesting experiences spanning several decades; written in a vivid and candid manner by a writer who paints incredible images with his words, offering a truly visual reading experience.
Forget the travel brochures, 'Anecdotal Evidence' will have you grabbing for your passport as 'On the Road' did, having generations of adventurers hitting the highways and byways in search of unique experiences far from the beaten track.

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