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Unseen Gods: Part One of The Oath-taker's Challenge

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Part One – Unseen Gods
For two thousand years, the oath-takers have maintained the balance between the forces of order and chaos in the kingdoms of Syreth, but that balance is breaking down. For ten years, roving bands of marauders have robbed, beaten, and murdered farmers and craftsmen, merchants and travelers, and war has erupted on the borders of Talmor and Adair.
Rumors of the rise of the old magic, the wild, undisciplined magic of Mordeth and the enemies of the ancient High King reach the oath-takers in the Valley of the Moon. The Guardian of the Valley asks Jorden Thornson, an experienced protector, and his young sister, Ariana, an untried adept, to investigate the rumors, and the two soon find themselves caught up in a frightening and confusing world where reality collides with myth and legend.
Joined by their brother Elentir, an experienced scout and hunter, and a growing number of companions, they embark on a journey that exposes them to pain and death, guilt and fear.

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