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Master of Puppets

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“There is one moment in your life where your desires have the power to change your life forever, if you have but the courage to see it.” - Mistress Diane’s submissive Zachery

Detectives Ryan Heart and Jodi Porter had no idea just how they lives were going to change when they began investigating the murders of two men who both were prominent in the San Francisco’s BDSM community. The lead suspect in the case was Grant Sparks, the head Master of one of San Francisco’s leading BDSM clubs. Proving that Grant had something to do with these murders will force Ryan and Jodi to go undercover and pretend to be Master and submissive, which threatens to tear apart their relationships with their significant others.

“To my submissive I am God.”- Grant

Hearing those words coming from his mouth pissed me off so badly that I wanted to throttle the arrogant bastard right where he stood.
“My Master is God to me.” -Elizabeth

Yet hearing those words from her made me want to weep.
-Notes in Ryan’s report.

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