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Cleopatra's Mountain

62 pages37 minutes


This is a screenplay. One of the stars is a brittle and combative head of a US conglomerate. She is surrounded by a gang of makeup artists, hairdressers and a manicurist to keep the corporate nails sharpened for the fray. She is very successful, but has one last ambition; to take over a rival. She will stop at nothing to gain her desire. But the takeover target is run by a recluse who is difficult to start a dialogue with. He is eventually tracked down, but he is equally feisty.
He throws down a challenge. She picks it up, but is soon to learn about wild creatures.
The challenge is a camping trip to the mountains with few comforts. He insists they 'get to know each other'. But she learns about wild creatures: And the wildest of all is human.

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