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Sea of Desire

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The daughter of a debt-ridden English gambler, Lady Merrideth Banistar is shocked to discover her father has been selling information to the American revolutionaries. But he is killed and his murderer, the notorious colonial privateer Jared Blackstone, dares to accuse her of harboring treasonous secrets. Worse, the seductive scoundrel manages to escape his jail cell and spirits her aboard his France-bound ship. Captain Jared Blackstone has spent most of his life roaming the storm-tossed waters of the world's vast oceans. But now a false murder charge hangs over him and the information he was sent to retrieve is known by only one woman. If Lady Merrideth does know the identity of the English spy, Jerad isn't the only one interested in the information. While in France he discovers a conspiracy to kill Merrideth. Not sure if she is a traitor or not, he still cannot return her to her deserted estate at Land's End.

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