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The Function Room: The Kollection

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The Function Room: The Kollection is a viseral journey through a twisted, brutal and compelling selection of stories by Matt Leyshon. "Matt Leyshon's stories manage to combine threads of dark-hued English pastoral fantasy with the logic of nightmare. Like Worzel Gummidge cast adrift in a Ligottian fever-dream, these interlinked tales carve out their own niche in which to fester." - Gary McMahon The Function Room is "deeply disturbing". "[Matt Leyshon's] stories are thick with atmosphere. His heavily stylised world drips with filth and decay." The critics say: "Reading Function Room stories is like watching a snuff movie, hideously depraved and yet so fascinating you can't take your eyes off it." "Leyshon writes stories that are so visceral and dripping with atmosphere and filth you feel the need for a shower afterwards." Matt Leyshon is a twisted genius and he wants you to enter his world - Dare you open The Function Room?

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