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My Sex Games: Stimulating And Enticing Ideas To Get Out Of That Routine Sex

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Have fun and games with a sex play!

Who else wants to play while having sex?

Do you ever feel that in some point in your life that you need improve your sexual relationship?
“I love these games. I try to play them as often as I possibly can with my girlfriend. Especially the parents’ house game, is a keeper!” – C. Bailey.
Routine sex and even foreplay can be a bore. Without variety and added excitement in bed, it can ruin a relationship.
This book gives you that variety. This book gives you the sex game ideas that makes your time with your partner in bed more exciting and fun.

In this book, you can find the sex game ideas such as:

Using Adult Toys
Usual card games with a naughty twist
Doing naughty things  to each other...and then record it
And much more!

The book is short as it goes straight to the sex game ideas part. This serves as the best guide for a great sex that is applicable for you and your partner. Get this book now and feel the excitement coming back!

Also, you can get answers to questions such as:

"Are the game ideas in this book flexible enough for anyone to use?"
"Will this help me improve my intimacy with my partner?"
"Will this make me feel better towards my relationship with my partner?"

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