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Tudor Rubato

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All he wants is some private time with his bride ...
Amadeus Tudor is rock star royalty, front man for one of the top rock bands of all time, Tudor Rose. His life is one tour, concert and public appearance after another. On top of it all, he barely survived an attempted murder, which only heightened the publicity, and the tension between him and his family and team. His new marriage is paying the cost.
All she wants is to know that he loves her ...
Zara is married to the love of her life. But it's incredibly hard to find time alone with a rock god. She plans a trip just for the two of them, to a private locale in Scotland. But on the eve of their departure, tragedy strikes. Only when his mother insists will Amadeus leave his family.
All they need is love—and some alone time ...
Will the green meadows outside Edinburgh with Zara at his side prove to be what Amadeus needs to renew his marriage and his song-writing? Or will he find life taking him in a new direction--one that may not have room for the old?

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