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A Kiss from Krampus: An Erotic Christmas Tail

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It all started with a bad little girl and a pair of embroidery scissors...

Eighty years ago, she snipped off Krampus' beard and used it to cast a spell on him, leaving him powerless to punish bad children. Now almost no one remembers him or the sting of his birch whip.

Two days before Christmas, Moritza stands at her least-favorite grandmother's deathbed, where she learns she's inheriting not only the mean old lady's house, but a small gold charm, which she's warned never to open. Of course, that's the first thing Moritza does, and in the chaos of her grandmother's death, the charm goes missing. Misplaced or stolen by a creepy store Santa who has been lurking around?

When a tall, dark, and furry stranger arrives, Moritza would like to believe it's all a sugarplum-induced hallucination. But she can't pretend she's seeing things when Krampus lays his hands and his impossibly long tongue on her. Krampus insists he's there reclaim his property and mete out some long-overdue punishment. When he discovers that the girl who cursed him is dead, and his charm is missing, he's reduced to begging for Moritza's help.

Down on his knees in her bedroom, there's something both unseemly and irresistible about Krampus. The horns, the tail, the silky black fur smelling of cloves and oranges... and yes, that lewd, lascivious, and very nimble tongue. O Holy Night.

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