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In His Defense

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This case was unusual, however, in that all of the bruises were on her wrists, ankles, and buttocks.

“You do understand that it is against the law to cause physical harm to your wife?” I asked him, tapping my pen on the paper in front of me.

“Yes, but I don’t necessarily agree with the law on this.” he said, shocking me. “Excuse me?” I questioned him, feeling as if I was getting back to my lawyer self instead of some dim-witted horny teenager. “Some women can benefit greatly from a swift spanking.” his words caused a minor wetness to develop between my legs, and the horny teenager returned. “I’m sure I don’t understand.” I replied.
“For example, you are a woman of great independence and stature, would it not benefit you to relinquish control to a strong man on occasion?” He asked, leaning forward and putting a stop to the pen I was furiously tapping on the paper now without even realizing it. “What would benefit me is if we could get back to this case.” I said, hearing my own voice sounding shaky and insecure.

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