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The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse by Grandma Sharon, Bobby the Bunny

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Besides his mouse playmate Maureen, Bobby the Bunny is one of Maurice's BFF. This is the introductory story of how Maurice DeMouse meets Bobby the Bunny.

SAMPLE: "That's a bunny rabbit. Bunnies are much larger than us little mice. They have big long pointy ears that stick up, whiskers under a button-nose that's always twitching, and a funny kind of tail - not like our beautiful, skinny mouse tail. The bunny's tail looks like a big piece of cotton," giggled Maurice. "And they don't crawl, they HOP all over the place."

SAMPLE 2: "Bunnies like vegetables," said Bobby the Bunny. "I've been waiting all winter just to eat the crunchy carrots that were popping up in this lovely vegetable garden. The soil is nice and soft so I won't break my nails. Spiders and bugs are too small for me to eat - not enough meat on their bones," snickered Bobby.

Each Adventure is designed to entertain, amuse, and educate toddlers and young children about animals or life events, and an occasional lesson can be learned from the character’s behavior and
adventures. Maurice and the friends that he makes as the stories evolve also go to school for the first time (Time for School!) and experience adventures that young children encounter, as well as a move across country when Cassie’s daddy is transferred (A Moving Experience), and a brief stay in the Mous-pital when Maurice gets sick (Maurice Goes to the Mous-pital).

Maurice DeMouse came to life on paper in the winter of 2003 as a result of a little mouse that invaded their home. They were fascinated by "There's A Mouse in My House!" and wanted another story about the mouse ... and another. Thus came the collection of twenty-six stories in The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse by Grandma Sharon.

One by one came the creation of Rosie Racoon and her babies Rudy and Randy; Pokey the Turtle; Bruno the Bear; Froggy the Cat; the Little Ducklings Dooley and Dolly; Miss Missy Mouse the School Teacher; Choo-Choo Charlie the Steam Engine; and Snowflake, the Turkish Van Cat.

I hope you enjoy “The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse by Grandma Sharon” and will leave a glowing 5 STAR REVIEW!

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