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Love Jones For Him

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Victoria arrived in London with a single goal: to sell the house left to her in her British grandmother's will. Her life was in New York, with her friends, her work. Returning to London was the best chance she had to sever all ties with her mother's side of the family for good.

But then she meets the dashing Gordon Dorchester. He's contracted to handle the renovations on the beautiful yet dilapidated home she'd inherited. She soon discovers that she has a "love jones" for him: he's attractive, hot and irresistible.

She hadn't felt this way in a long time, if ever; this need to be reckless and wild, and give in to the most carnal of desires only Gordon could evoke.

But no matter how good they were together, no matter how much she was coming to love it there, it would all have to end sometime. There was really nothing at all that could keep her there once the house was renovated and sold.

Or was there?

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