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Bigfoot: 2012 Special-Edition

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In a relatively brief span of time, Todd Michael guided hundreds of skywatch and contact tours for well over 1,000 people. The contact experiences shared with tour participants and friends have been documented for reader's enjoyment in what Todd says is his "contact series."

In his first book of this series, "Alien Contact," Todd included more than 50 real contact experiences to help readers understand what's possible and how it was done. He also discloses common obstacles people face when attempting contact and how to overcome them.

Book two, "Into The Wild," is intended for people who have already made contact or are actively doing so, and may want to move forward in friendship with their visitors. Todd experienced several levels of relationship with various beings and shares some of it here. Again, he's incorporated another batch of 50-plus encounters for readers to learn from.

Now with "Bigfoot," his final book of the trilogy, Todd continues in his usual form sharing his own Bigfoot contacts, many as recently as August, 2012. Graduating from the relationships discussed in his second book to the ultimate human relationship, he says, is with Bigfoot! Within the last 5 years his contact locations include Arizona, California, Montana, New Mexico, and Washington.

People will find the idea that Bigfoot has been interacting with humanity on our level, simply fascinating, with dozens of his own Bigfoot encounters, several of which were face-to-face. "Bigfoot: The Four Levels of Contact" shows how this was done and even compares our social structure to theirs, which ultimately serves as a template for individual contact. The 2012 Special-Edition of Bigfoot contains 100 photos.

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