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Detroit Cracked: Book 3: Boss Man’s Rise

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Now that his best friend and ex-dope dealer, Big-D, was out of the picture while having, accidentally, crossed the Mob, Boss-man was made an offer he didn’t want, nor could refuse, to take over where Big left off.

A retired pimp, Boss, was happy, simply, running his whorehouse / blind pig on the Eastside of Detroit, and watching his house-lady put on freak shows with his working girls, Shirley, Candy, Lillie, and others. He now had Big’s, two, fine, bi-sexual, women, working for him, and business was looking up. But the Mob made their offer in none negotiable terms. He was forced into a dangerous situation he really didn’t want.

The question was, would he fare any better than Big? He was getting old and didn’t have the strength, or desire, to keep track of all of Big’s, established, dope-houses. He would have to rely on others to do the legwork. Rely on others to protect the Mob’s interest.

How could he get out of this unwanted predicament, and still remain alive? As it turns out, his life wouldn’t be a consideration.

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