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Banging The White Babysitter 10: Brandy's Match-Maker Party

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Brandy, a white eighteen-year-old babysitter is nine months pregnant during her match-maker’s Party given for her best friends. It’s finally time for Brandy’s big match-maker party. Everyone is having a great time at the orgy, and everyone knows the rules. Just as she expected, Brandy’s friends pair up nicely with Buck’s. The five strippers from Heidi’s party are also making the rounds. Everyone is enjoying everyone else when Brandy herds everyone into the bedroom so that they won’t shock her mother too much when she arrives. Mom arrives and is reunited with her old boyfriend. Brandy is somewhat surprised to find that she and her mother are more alike than she ever guessed. Her party guests are having too much fun to contain themselves in the bedroom and Brandy’s mom is not quite as shocked as Brandy would believe. But there is still one more surprise guest yet to arrive.

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