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The Secret

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Suzanne has a secret that has driven away first her father, then every man she’s tried dating. Experience her emotional roller coaster as James stumbles into her life. Enjoy their relationship as suddenly she has a man who cares for her, secret and all. Being herself with him is such a relief, and her joy is complete when she finds a new friend too.
Suzanne studied herself in the mirror. Staring back at her was a moderately pretty 30-something (although men would say she was stunning). Suzanne was critical, but she had to agree that her hair was superb – thick shoulder-length auburn hair with such a shine and bounce. Her face? Oval, clear-featured with a dusting of freckles and piercing green eyes. She wore no makeup, or very little, and her complexion was good.
“All right,” was her verdict, also remembering how her last boyfriend had complimented her on her “face to die for” – just before he dumped her. Why was it that they all idolised her until they discovered her secret, then dropped her like a hot potato?
She sighed and continued her examination. She wished her breasts were bigger and her bum smaller, but generally she felt she was in good shape. What would James think if they ever got this far? She watched in slight surprise as her nipples hardened at the thought and became more obvious through the lace.

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