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All Wrapped Up

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An inspirational Christmas anthology -

A Christmas Vow
From the day they married, Anna and Reed Benford always worked together to maintain the fine balance of their personal lives and careers. As a news reporter and doctor in Chicago, each carries a hectic schedule which doesn’t easily include time for romance. Will they be able to rediscover the love they once shared when an accident unexpectedly causes them to work together at Christmas?
Strutting into a private mother-daughter conversation about Chrysa Papadopoulos’s path to spinsterhood, Zane Elios, a handsome stranger, narrates a fairy tale of a loving relationship. Chrysa roots for a Cinderella ending to the very personal and fictitious romantic tale...until her mother ambushes them with a family Christmas dinner, and Chrysa and Zane must decide whether or not to take a chance and board the lifeboat sent to grant their hearts a lifetime of love.
Enough With the Mistletoe!
This Christmas Arionna received two surprises! Unfortunately, she can’t keep them both. So, does she go with the boss’s son—the wealthy corporate lawyer, or the hot construction worker who makes her toes curl? The answer is under the mistletoe...
The Christmas Cake
While Tami Heart is content with her life in Mistletoe, she wonders why its legendary magic has eluded her. She longs to have someone special to share her life with but can't bring herself to believe in magic. Then famous New York Chef Matthew St. John stops at the diner where she waits tables. He's charming, considerate, handsome, and fun—everything she wants in a man. But can Mistletoe's magic extend beyond the city limit sign to bring these two together?
Mysterious Ways
When Mary Jo decides to break up with her handsome boyfriend, Ray Laramie, she has no idea that her life is about to turn upside-down. Will she get a second chance to make things right, or will her newfound come too late? This page-turning suspense will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Authors: Amy Blizzard, Aleka Nakis, Annette Louise, Judith Leigh, Susan Barclay

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