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Miscorrection: Times (Miscorrection Trilogy)

281 pages4 hours


After escaping imprisonment by the Diamonds, Jago has one purpose: Figure out a way to time travel to the past and ensure the assassination of President Daniel happens. The mission betrays not only the Diamonds but also his parents, who died by Karhath hands.

Completing the task will benefit all humanity. It’ll bring peace for centuries to come in a way no one could predict. This is how Jago lives with the choice he’s made.

Traveling into the past will be difficult. Jago has neither the resources or the means to finish his self-assigned mission. He is alone.

With no ally to turn to, Jago must work with his enemy—the Karhath—in order to bring the end of their empire and peace to the six-planet system.

Miscorrection: Times is the third book in the Miscorrection Trilogy. It is preceded by Miscorrection: Dimensions

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