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Long Road to a Second Chance

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Joe Whitcomb is a preacher, but he's starting to hate God. Blaming God for killing his wife and daughter, Joe calls himself a “recovering Christian” and vows to leave religion and its crutches behind.

Ellen Leads used to be a promising student even though she came from an abusive home. Off at college, all was going well, she thought, until her whole life was derailed by drink and now she calls herself a “recovering alcoholic”.

Sometimes, running from your problems is easier if there’s someone running with you.

Neither has actually dealt with their problems, though, just shoving them further and further back into the recesses of their minds. One night, just as love seems theirs, their carefully-crafted web of self-deceptions blow up on them and everything falls apart.

Was there ever enough substance there to put their friendship--let alone love--back together?

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