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Stoking the Fire

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Chris dumped his sex maniac girlfriend when he found her in bed with another man. This is the story of his re-discovery and then helping an abused wife. Ironically his new girlfriend is the same type as his old, but more honest. Fire in the bedroom and out.
He froze and his mouth dropped open. The same dip was there in the centre of the coal, but it was covered in an old pair of curtains that he recognised from the rag bin yesterday. On top of the curtains was a sleeping bag, and poking out of the top of the bag that beautiful mane of hair that haunted his thoughts.
But what had made him freeze was the expression of pure lust on her face and the very obvious movements in the centre of the sleeping bag. She was absolutely at the peak of her orgasm, explaining why she had not heard him today, and explaining the noises he had heard both days.
As her orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes, which widened on seeing him, and she flashed him a cheeky smile. “Putting in a bit of overtime?” she asked.
Chris flushed and mumbled, “sorry,” turning quickly away. Her laugh floated after him.
He couldn’t get the image out of his mind, and was uncomfortable around her. She on the other hand, appeared totally normal and completely unfazed. She chatted away...

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