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Animalistic Desires 9: Surprise Revealed

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Bailey lies sleeping in Draven’s arms. They’ve been away from his team for a while though, and he needs to check in. Hidden in the hut of an oasis that no one else knows about, he believes she’ll be safe. Telling himself that he’ll only be gone for a short while, he races off to speak to his men.
Then her scream breaks through the night, and Draven knows he’s made a terrible mistake.
Draven and his men race to the oasis to find Bailey surrounded by Alverez’s men. She fights with the ferocity of a mother protecting her cubs and the Pumarians seem hesitant to approach her. Watching her fight, Draven suddenly puts everything together – how ‘off balance’ she’s felt lately, how tired she is. Bailey is pregnant.
But he isn’t certain yet, and there are other concerns right now. Pregnant or not, Bailey must be protected....

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