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Dana Confesses: Teacher's Little Pet

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And then, finally, one day the secretary for the law department took a break. A long break.

I was already in his office, sitting in a chair in front of that huge desk of his. We were talking about ourselves again — after a certain point, we stopped talking about Law entirely. Why even pretend, right? — and I had finally asked him about his love life. He mentioned being married, but he said something that made me think he wasn't anymore.

"You aren't married?" I asked.

"No, no. Helen and I divorced a few years ago. I worked too much."

"Well, I'm sure whoever you're with now really appreciates you...I know I would."

He smiled and scratched the back of his head. "Actually, I'm single at the moment."

My heart did back flips in my chest. He looked at me with an intensity no man had matched since.
"That's such a waste..." I said, leaning forward in my chair, letting my young little breasts rest on his huge, wooden desk. The desk popped them up, enhancing my already generous cleavage and I could see Mr. Powell's lust written all over his face. The words he spoke to me next, I'll never forget.

"Don't move an inch."

I froze in place, arms stretched out and breasts flattened on his desk. The order, the sound of command in his voice... I was instantly wet, I could tell. None of the boys I had been with since then had any idea what I liked but Mr. Powell did. He knew exactly what I needed.

He stood up slowly and walked behind me. I tried to move my head to follow him, but when I did he slammed his hand down, startling me, forcing me to whip my head back to where it was. I heard his shoes on the tile floor. Clomp. Clomp. Clomp. Then he was behind me. He went quiet and all I could hear was our breathing. Gently, he placed his hands on my shoulders and slowly ran his big hands down my arms, stroking the length of them. He made me shiver, I'll always remember that. I shivered because of how perfect it was. Twenty year old boys only know how to fuck, they don't know how to tease, and Mr. Powell knew exactly how to tease me. Very lightly, barely touching the tiny hairs on my arms, he ran his hands down my arms, past my wrists and enveloped my hands. His face was right next to mine and I could feel the smoothness of his shaved cheek. I smelled his smooth cologne, and I smelled him underneath — his spicy masculinity my body craved. I felt his hot breath blanket my neck and his hard chest pressing against my back. My pussy was throbbing and he must have known it, because I saw the sly grin on his face...

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