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Johnny Moonbeam in Cyberspace

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Johnny Moonbeam in Cyberspace is the first in a series of contemporary young adult novels (13+yrs) about three teens who, on the surface, appear to have little in common. And yet, underneath their fragile facades are some powerful commonalities: they are on the run, alone in a hostile world with no one to turn to—and wanted by the authorities.
Johnny Abel (a.k.a. Johnny Moonbeam) rides tornados, hacks into the FBI, and uses nuclear filled Twinkies to fight epic battles in cyberspace; Mary Valentine is a sassy, streetwise fifteen-year-old from the ‘wrong’ side of the tracks is fed up with her white-trash neighborhood, ne’er-do-well mother, and a string of abusive stepfathers; and Susan Goodenough, a certifiable genius with an IQ of 160 and the people skills of a turnip, has just lost her best and only friend, eighteen-year-old brother, Stephen. Nearly out of hope, they find each other and, despite their differences, form a surrogate family. Bonded together by something stronger than DNA, the three teens combine their talents to create a formidable force for the police to deal with. Now they have each other, but is that enough?

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