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A serious accident at Rhys Kelly's work effectively ends his human existence and he is buried alive. In a near-death coma, Rhys undergoes a bizarre molecular change. Unconsciously he sends out waves of terror to his new race - the Eridons, begging for aid.

A small scientific organisation called the Human/Eridon Half-caste Monitoring Team resuscitate Rhys and endeavour to explain what he has become. Unfortunately several factors rise to hinder their efforts. Rhys has lost great chunks of memory, and many Eridons are taught to fear him by one Adelrid Merylon - a highly placed politician and Machiavellian schemer.

Rhys' burgeoning mental powers, many times stronger than the average Eridon's, compound this xenophobia. Naturally positive, Rhys believes that trust will develop in time. However the bigoted Adelrid aggravates the situation, and Rhys soon comes to realise that must escape from his evil or die.

Also part of the Eridon Chronicles:
Time Crystal 1 - The Convergence
Time Crystal 2 - Delsaron's World
Time Crystal 3 - The Icosahedron
Time Crystal 4 - the Singularity

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