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Traveling Alone: little bits of an unfinished trip

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Traveling Alone is a fascinating mosaic of travel adventures culled from a three-year, five-continent trip that covered over 50 countries. The stories themselves are sad, hilarious, frightening, bizarre and even romantic, but never boring. They range from composing love letters in Cairo for two star-crossed lovers and stalking crocodiles in the South American pampas to hitching rides through Rwandan refugee camps and spending time in a Bolivian prison. In China, the author recounts the days when Beijing became a ghost town.

The author's quest for adventure sometimes borders on what appears to be a low intensity insanity but it always makes for an interesting tale. The stories exhibit an endless curiosity that explores such diverse subjects as the cocaine wars in Colombia and a search for the Holy Grail in east Africa. It is full of quirky characters and improbable situations that will leave you shaking your head and laughing, more than once.

Traveling Alone is an marvelous time for those fascinated by travel.

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