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Many Kamasutras: A Guide to Postures and Methods for Compatibility in Sexual Union

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Many Kamasutras is a guide to postures and methods for compatibility in sexual union. It is a new, modern Interpretation of Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra and 11 other Kamasastras.

This book compares eleven kamasastra treatises with the Kamasutra in the core area of sexual union. In a new interpretation of the Kamasutra and the later kamasastra works, this book contends that sexual compatibility between lovers was the dominant factor in the Kamasutra, and it became even more important in the later kamasastras.

To determine compatibility, the Kamasutra and the later kamasastras classified men and particularly women with increasing precision, and tried to match them. If the lovers did not match, Kamasutra and kamasastras prescribed sexual positions and other methods (like special braces, kissing and oral sex) to achieve ‘equal coupling’ and simultaneous orgasm.

This book describes these methods and connects them to classification.

And, most important, this book tries to show how this knowledge can help you pleasure your lover.

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