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The O-Bay Club (Training of Betty)

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Betty’s in trouble again although she doesn’t seem to mind too much! This is the third book in the ‘Training of Betty’ series and Michael, her fiancé, decides that he needs to bring in external help in order to instil some discipline in her. Unbeknown to Betty, Michael has joined the O-Bay club where wives and girlfriends are publicly spanked for breaches of their partner’s code of discipline. He then takes her along with him to the next meeting where her ‘crimes’ are read out for all to hear.

How will Betty and the other women fare at the hands of the O-Bay men and their strict disciplinary procedures?

Sample text

Finally, after Betty had started to howl with the pain, Michael said: “I think she’s had enough of the spanking part.”

What ‘spanking part’? Her punishment was a spanking; there could be no ‘other part’! She was soon to find out.

Michael delivered a final square and symmetrical slap to both buttocks which elicited a yelp from Betty, then he swung her so that her feet were on the floor and she was standing, conscious of her fiery bottom which was right in front of Bernard. She didn’t dare look at him: she was afraid his enjoyment of the display would be all too evident on his face.

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