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An Illusion of Ice

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There is a man lost in the endless waste of burning sands and red skies that is the Desert. He doesn't know how long he has been walking, stumbling down and up giant sand dunes, and he doesn't care. It has been so long since he last saw a person, since he last had any respite. He walks the Desert, and can only rest when the Desert itself allows him to.

Taunting the sands have brought him to this despicable place, where the air ignites your lungs and the land burns through your boots. But, as he finally starts to give up hope, the temperature drops. He finds a ruin, and within something impossible. The man thought he found his respite, his escape from the deadly desert, but what he finds within the ruins is dubious on itself.

Is the Desert punishing him with visions of a snow-covered land and of ice beauties, or is the man truly seeing and experiencing the impossible?

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