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The Princess Master (Reluctant Monster Sex)

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Princess Elavisa has always been brave. So when a dragon named Kulaasin shows up demanding a monthly delivery of virgin girls, she decides to stand up for her kingdom. But instead of killing him, she becomes the dragon's only captive. She knows Kulaasin wants to possess her completely, but refuses to bend to the whims of a dragon--until he shows her how pleasurable it can be...

This 24,000+ word story is for adults only, and contains a headstrong princess, steamy monster sex, and an irresistible dragon. Read at your own risk!

“I’m happy to see you’re awake, Princess,” came a voice from inside the cave. My chin quivered.
“Let me go, you sick son-of-a-bitch!”
“Giving up on our arrangement already? I guess those girls don’t have to live, but--”
My jaw stiffened. He was right. I was stuck here until further notice. My mind began to work outside the realm of fear. Maybe I could negotiate something. “No. Just let me down. Please.”
Like a giant bat, he swooped in, his size and power overwhelming. His wings were spread wide to intimidate me. I looked into his golden eyes, which seemed perfectly healthy now. They admired my body for a long time before he spoke, his lips wearing a sinister smile. “I don’t think so,” he said. “You look so lovely here.”
I nearly threw up in my mouth, but didn’t break my gaze. “If you let me down, I’ll do you a favor?” What was I saying?
He came closer. “A favor, you say? Now what might you mean by that?”
I didn’t know. “Whatever can get me down from here.”
“You could get in trouble for saying such dangerous things, Princess...”
Every time he said that word, something inside me clenched, and I couldn’t understand why. It escaped his mouth and wrapped around me like a silk sheet.
“Then so be it.”
“Very well.”

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