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The Shishi

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For European foreigners in 19th century Japan, a danger has risen through the Golden Lizard leader. He and his tattooed men are bent on removing Japan of all foreigners. This isn't the only obstacle Japan's heroes, John Mung and John Whittefield, face while attempting to educate Japan out of the feudal age. There is also the threat of Russian invasion as they attempt to take over Japan's northernmost islands. For John Mung, the heartache has only just begun as he makes his mark on history.

The John Mung Saga is the historical fiction series based on the life of John Mung, a Japanese fisher boy who was rescued and adopted by American ship Captain Whittefield, and the lives of those around him. With a Harvard education, Mung returned to 19th century Japan and became the bridge for Western knowledge into that isolated island kingdom.

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