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Sexy Massage

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Rosie Durant works hard as a project manager, but lately the stress of her job is wearing her down – she works late and is always tense and exhausted at home. Her loving husband Richard is particularly worried about her. Thinking a relaxing massage could be just what she needs, he gets her a gift certificate and sends her to Mrs. Luy’s day spa. After a very satisfying experience with a masseuse named Mika, Rosie is hooked.
As Rosie regularly visits the spa, she becomes friends with Mika, even inviting her over for dinner. While Richard fantasizes about the two of them together, Rosie assures him that they are only friends. But one day, things turn a little naughty when Rosie goes in for a massage, and Mika decides to try out a new technique on her. Maybe what Rosie really needs isn’t just a good massage....

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