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Spanking "Prince" Charming: A Lesbian Fairy Tale

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Something came over her then. She wanted to take out all of her frustration and embarrassment on this obnoxious girl. With a sudden force, Romaine shoved the girl over the side of her small bed, twisting her in place, and yanked down her trousers, exposing the smooth, pale skin beneath. She then snatched a hairbrush from her dresser and struck the woman across her exposed flesh.

The girl gasped at the sudden blow and squirmed to free herself, but Romaine was too quick for her, elbowing into her back and wrestling her down. "It hurt, you know, when you crawled your way up my hair. Did you really think you'd get away with that?" She brought down the hairbrush again, just the way her wicked stepmother used to. The sound of wood slapping against skin reverberated through the room.

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