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Winter is the story of the hidden workings of a nondescript Derbyshire mining town, the kind you've never heard of. The sort of place that keeps itself to itself. A point on the map that no-one ever made a special journey to visit.
With good reason.

On the 7th of November 1882, a firedamp explosion in the Parkhouse colliery killed 45 miners. Local schoolchildren have been learning about this since it happened, about safety lamps, pit ponies and Clay Cross' uncredited role in the industrial revolution.
But they don't learn the whole story. The town has always made sure of that.

A small group of friends discover that the place they've lived in all their lives has a dark side, existing unseen by everyone, except for those 'in the know'. Amongst these are the town's network of dark arts practitioners, and those who assist an immortal Agent named Sacargon.
The Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (or, at least, the remaining few men using the Order's name as cover) is reactivated and the friends are recruited. The old and new members have until Winter comes to prepare themselves to combat an unseen and unknown threat and protect the town's secrets from the unaware world.

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