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Ailchú's Prophecy

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In the beginning, there was a blacksmith...

...and all Ruarí ever wanted was to become an armorer and inherit his father's forge. His mentor, the master armorer Oillill, talked him into studying swordplay. Suddenly Ruarí found himself fighting off foreigners who coveted his star iron sword with magic he didn't even realize he possessed. Emperor Ambustus launches a Purification Crusade resulting in the death of Ruarí's parents and the capture of this mentor. In seeking revenge Ruarí discovers he is named in a generations old prophecy as the possible savior of the western nations. All he has to do is ride the roads of the dead, stop time, and unite the nobles of three nations. How on Eilir did things get this complicated?

The Legend of Somhairle the Valorous begins...

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