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A serial killer is bringing grisly payback to pedophiles caught in the act. Forte, a broken SEAL, applauds the assassin along with the rest of the world. That is, until the murderer kidnaps a teen girl who has foolishly put herself in harm's way. Forte pursues the killer through a haze of deception, all the while fighting to balance his unsteady recovery from his own self-induced misery. The chase leads through the streets of New Orleans and ends in a swamp-filled, gator-infested climax.

NETBLUE is “quick, down and dirty action with a conscience. The author's Sin City wisdom gives his setting a very "local" flavor. Characters pulse with adrenaline, leaving you wanting more.” says the Clarion-Ledger. The Midwest Book Review says “Allison makes his characters stand for something, and the action isn't far behind. A quick and entertaining read from a writer with flair and a sense of moral duty. ” The Review says “Allison doesn't hesitate to comment on his own version of social justice, which lends grit and realism to a character the reader can't help cheering for. Al Forte is a flawed but resilient personality who exudes strength even in the midst of his own self-doubt, which lends credibility and a sense of justice fulfilled when he finally cracks the case. His dialogue is stunning.”

Glen C. Allison rescues readers from boredom daily through the exploits of Forte, an addict and ex-SEAL in New Orleans who recovers stolen children. Forte rises from the darkness of his self-inflicted misery to protect endangered innocents in his safe house hidden in the shadows of the French Quarter. A simpler justice guides him through the hard-edged backdrop of the Big Easy to give suspense readers a harrowing taste of this city's secret evils. Forte finds purpose in the protecting the small ones and realizes redemption in the most unlikely places.

NETBLUE is book two of the Forte Suspense Trilogy, following up on MISCUE. The third in the series is the soon-to-be-releaaed SNAFU (February 2013)

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