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The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse by Grandma Sharon, Maurice Goes Choo-Choo!

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Join Maurice DeMouse, Bobby the Bunny, Squeaky the Squirrel, Stinky the Skunk, Rosie Racoon, and mouse friend Maureen as they discover and go for a ride with Choo-Choo Charlie!
Sample 1:
"Maureen's tail started shaking so much that it tickled Squeaky on the nose. 'Is it alive?' she squeaked as Maurice gently removed her tail from his nose. "Be careful," said Rosie. "It sounds like it's breathing very hard."

Sample 2:
"Don't be afraid. I'm a young steam locomotive. My name is Choo-Choo Charlie" huffed the little engine.
Bobby the Bunny's ears stood straight up while the nost on his face started twitching and his whiskers fluttered up and down, back and forth.
"IT TALKS!" shouted Bobby as he fell backwards on his fluffy cotton-tail.

Maurice Makes a Stinky Friend *****
Review by: Joyce Calo on Nov. 07, 2012:

"What a creative book. I am a grandma myself and I can definately see children enjoying this tale. I,myself, found it captivating. I could actually 'see' the plot unfold. The pictures throughout were a plus. Great book for bonding time with your little one.

Review by: Liz Rich on Nov. 01, 2012: ***
"This story was delightful, I can see the little ones perking up and being very attentive when someone is reading this to them. I look forward to reading more by this author."

Snowflake, the Turkish Van Cat
Review by: Becky on Jan. 10, 2013:
"The best children’s books I have ever come across. Adults will enjoy them as well!!! Great photography and beautiful animals! Thank you Sharon Meyer!!!!!"
Description of The Adventures of Maurice DeMouse by Grandma Sharon (c) 2006:

Each story is designed to entertain, amuse, and educate toddlers and young children about animals or life events, and an occasional lesson can be learned from the character’s behavior and adventures. I hope you enjoy reading all of The Adventures of Maurice Demouse, by Grandma Sharon.

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