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Stress-Related Disorders, Illness: An Intelligent Act of the Body

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Stress-Related Disorders (SRDs) are the most common illnesses people suffer from. They can be mild or sever, short or long in duration. They occur because stress undermines our immune, healing, repair and maintenance systems. They occur because stress leads to one or more break downs in crucial body systems which then leads to disruption and injury of tissues.

The symptoms created by SRDs are initially intelligent communications from the Body-Mind to the individual telling him or her that there are one or more unresolved conflicts exit and that they must be resolved as soon as possible. If these conflicts are resolved, the message delivered and understood, then appropriately acted on by us to resolve these unresolved conflicts that our Body-Mind wants us to resolve, then the problem is corrected. Now the body and its organs and tissues can return to normal.

If, on the other hand, the conflict is not recognized or is recognized, by not resolved, then the Body-Mind will increase its efforts to let us know. Symptoms will increase in strength and frequency and severity. At some point when the immune and other defensive, healing and repair systems breakdown or fail, the process advances to acute illness. If the acute illness catches our attention and we then resolve the underlying conflicts, this process ends and our body return’s to normal. If not, the process will slowly and steadily advance from acute illness to chronic illness. If along the way, prior to the stage of chronic illness or disease, the conflict is resolved the process ends and we return to normal. If not, the SRD process will continue to progress and can eventually lead to chronic disease, disability, and even premature death.

If you are concerned that at some time in the future you might become ill? If you want to know how can you prevent illness from happening to you? If you are already ill, and want to know how can you cure yourself without expensive, painful or dangerous treatments? You will want to read this book.

Stress-Related Disorders, Illness: An Intelligent Act of the Body offers answers to these age-old questions. In Stress Related Disorders, Illness: An Intelligent Act of the Body, the Lawrences look at the many types of SRDs, their causes and how they can be recognized. The Lawrences take you on a step-by-step journey illustrating the role that the mind, body and spirit play in creating and healing illness. If you are looking to find out how to protect yourself from illnesses then you will want to read this book.

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