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Coincidence Theory

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What if one of the greatest stories ever told, was created to hide the real intentions of its characters? What if the truth was uncovered today? How would you react? And what would you do?

Join author Steven Allinson, as he takes you on an epic journey to uncover the story behind one of the most sought-after religious relics of all time.

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From the Back Cover:

The Truth is a Matter of Perspective...

Separated by millennia, a bodyguard of the pharaoh and a British military specialist take voyages of discovery to understand the mysterious artefacts of the Egyptian Zep-Tepi.

Hounded by a secretive sect intent on using the artefacts for their own ends, each man finds himself embroiled in events beyond his control.

With time running out and enemies at every turn, will either man complete the mission they have set out to accomplish? Or, will greed and ignorance destroy mankind's last chance to uncover what those in power prayed would remain hidden forever?

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