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The Neighborhood of My Mind

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Twelve short stories that cover a broad spectrum of human experience.
In The Greatest Fisherman, a young boy, just recently removed from the inner city, goes fishing for the first time and meets a very interesting individual.
Groceries for Harold is a dark comedy about the undying love between two elderly people.
The Broken Wife examines the effects of a misunderstood email.
Solitaire is the story of a fatherless boy who learns much about life while playing cards with an older acquaintance.
The Wall is a coming of age story. tells the story of one person's quest to get even with the school bully.
In Termite Farts, Wylie Daniels knows he's heard that man's name before, but where?
The First Snow is about helping a terminally ill man reach his goal.
Troll Diamonds, "Don't ever steal from a troll."
Hiding is a scary tale told from the perspective of a young child.
In Lydia's Ashes, when the town gossip is murdered, everyone is a suspect.
The Robbery, Desperate men do desperate things.

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