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Not Without My Cat (When fish is not enough)

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Sam is a detective, and what do detectives do? Well, detect acts of crime, survey the misdoings of of the mistakenly lovelorn, eat sandwiches, and look for lost cats. Since going into the private sector Sam is holding down another job of the hush-hush variety, and being rather good at keeping secrets is immensely skilled at keeping the bizarre and downright unnerving out of his rather mundane private life in his indeterminate flat that he shares with Camille, a rather demanding female of the feline variety. However, Sam's life is about to get very complicated indeed, when his beloved Camille (who is convinced that her name is NOT such and only returns when Sam shouts "Haddock!") finds a startling piece of evidence of an unusual and seemingly impossible crime. With Camille holding this inexplicable object in her jaws, it is now time for Sam to get a grip, Man Up, and face his greatest fears: mega packs of Whiskas, electric tin openers and the scene of a crime far closer to home than he ever expected.....

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