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The Road Home

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“The Road Home” has all the makings of a memorable and heartwarming story, especially for mothers who have lost children or who have prodigal children.”
Ann Tatlock

“The Road Home is a heart-touching story of loss and survival, and of a love strong enough to weather any storm. The well-developed characters struggle with problems the reader can identify with and the emotional conflict makes this a real page-turner with a strong faith message.”
Barbara Warren

This baby just might be the miracle they need.

At the center of The Road Home is Sarah Kiser—a nurse, a loving mother, and a woman who wonders if her family will ever find stable ground. When Children Services calls, asking her to foster a baby she thanks God for an answered prayer, but worries how her family will respond.

Since the death of his brother, seventeen-year old, Luke has descended into a nightmare of bad choices. Time is running out. If he doesn’t get his act together, he may not have the grades to graduate.

Georgia Tolliver, a very young African-American woman, is recovering from the loss of her first-born child. When Children Services takes custody of her newly newborn, she fears her baby will love the foster mother more, but one thing is certain—they must keep the baby out of the father’s hands.

As Sarah tries to help the stream of grieving people, the only thing she can do is cling to her faith, and what her mother once said—nothing is ever lost.

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