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How to Succeed in College and University

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Making a decision to attend any post-secondary institution, after you have been away from high school for a few years, is a very important step at this stage in your adult lives. To make such a major decision you would have had to think seriously about the pros and the cons of being mature college or university students. As adult students you are not simply enrolling in college to get an education, but you on the path to enhance your status in American society by achieving a degree. In fact, there are many more important and practical reasons for your decision to return to college and earn a degree. Whether your plans include a career change, an increase in salary, promotion, a lifelong dream, or job transfer, your reasons are important and will involve serious planning. To many of you, this decision to attend college may be because you will be the first member of your family to obtain a degree; therefore, such a decision will be of paramount importance to you, your family, and generations to come.
This eBook is designed to assist you in overcoming your jitters about making such a critical decision. In this eBook you will find some of the answers to your questions about returning to the college classroom after being out of school for many years.

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