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To Catch a Thief (M/F Reluctant Sex, Humiliation)

28 pages25 minutes


Local female thief Robin Hood has finally met her match when the sheriff John catches and imprisons her. Luckily for Robin, she’s given two choices: either face the gallows, or submit to the pillory and the sheriff’s pleasures! She only needs to buy herself time to escape, but will it come at the cost of public sexual humiliation? This 5600 word story contains M/F reluctant sex, coercion, exhibitionism, public sex, birching, bondage, humiliation, and the stocks; adults only!

I motioned my bound wrists to John. “Sheriff?” The bounds were starting to chafe, and I needed to be free.

Instead he grabbed my wrists and pulled them high above my head, making me arch my back and expose my bare breasts. As he leaned in, he made me arch deeper, pushing my nipples toward his mouth. His breath was hot as he lowered his lips to them.

I jolted as his mouth was pressed over one of my nipples, and he drew his tongue across it. “Ugh” – voiced deep in the back of my throat, a sound of disgust and violation, but also (I’m sorry to say) arousal. I was pinned, helpless, but I couldn’t help myself.

Under his touch, John felt me tensing. “You like that, you dirty whore?” he murmured into my chest.

“No.” I yanked my hands out of his grasp. I was flooded with shame, but I kept my voice strong. “Do what you will, but don’t believe I’ll ever enjoy it.”

I thought he would hit me, or leave without a word. Instead, he studied me, a smirk playing on his lips. “That will also do.”

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