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Sin to the Darkness

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"Sin to the Darkness" is book one of the Abyssinia Estate series.

The Abyssinia Estate Series is a paranormal mystery that is designed to weasel its way into its reader’s mind and become a part of them. It is a novel whose intention is to get its audience’s minds active; to present the audience with characters to whom they can relate, or recognize connections.

This is NOT your classic "who-dunnit."

The story itself is based around secrets and spirits that adorn the history and makeup of a 200 year old house set in Abyssinia Beach. The house, rightfully named Abyssinia Estate because of its size and its dominance over the beach, is one that has witnessed many years worth of sins, sufferings, and sacrifices. Needless to say, the horror Abyssinia Estate has witnessed has never been, and will never be, forgotten. You could say the walls of Abyssinia Estate are stained with the memory of such happenings; perhaps even cursed by its memories.

What mysteries does Abyssinia Estate possess? Is it a home possessed by spirits of the past – spirits who intentionally wreak havoc on the home’s new tenants? Is it a home haunted by memories of the past – reliving the tales of those who suffered, those whose souls wander lost? Is Abyssinia cursed from the inside out? Or is the inside cursed by factors brought in from the outside? Will you be the one to uncover the mysteries of Abyssinia Estate?

In your exploration of Abyssinia Estate, you will meet several characters who currently, or have recently, been a part of Abyssinia Estate’s history.

I’ll take a moment to introduce you to a few of them:

First, you will meet Thaddeus - a man who releases his wife, Athena, from her suffering by following a sacrificial spell he learned from a book. You will later meet Thaddeus’ brother, who helps Thaddeus discard of his wife’s body – but where?

Next, you will meet Christina “Christi” Stephens - a young woman trying to find her place in the world while trying to separate real life from paranormal life. Christi has witnessed several tragedies in her life but hopes to escape into silence and solitude when taking over guardianship of Abyssinia Estate. However, Christi finds this difficult because she possesses a talent, a gift – one some might call a curse - that is known only by her dead brother, Adam. Adam is trapped between his previous life and his next life; his memory haunts Christi, but his lingering presence keeps her sane.

You will meet Beth and Benjamin Branham - a middle-aged married couple whose relationship is on the rocks. Attempts are made to save the marriage – most significantly, their purchase of Abyssinia Estate and the renting out of Abyssinia Estate – but in the end will love overpower lust? You will meet Patrick, an undercover investigator hired by Beth to spy on her husband and her husband’s mistress. Beth, upon learning of her husband’s infidelity, conjures up a scheme of the ultimate revenge: she places an ad, with the intention that the mistress will move into Beth’s house (while she is in Europe with Ben) and become attacked by the demons which is believed to possess it.

Meanwhile, you will meet Abby and her mother – you will witness a chilling encounter of a ghost woman pressured by darker forces to harm Abby. What does the ghost woman want with Abby? What will happen when the woman refuses to abide by the pressure of the force?

Finally, you will meet Roxanna and Rachel, young twin girls who somehow come across a book that might provide additional insight into the mystery of Abyssinia Estate.

An idea of what to expect: chills, confusion, cliffhangers, unexpected comedic spins.

An idea of what not to expect: to resolve all the mysteries in one sitting.

Memo from the Author: The mystery continues to unfold in Book Two: Letter Tell My Story.

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