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Where Every Night is Christmas Eve 2: Snowed in with Santa Jr. - A Christmas Erotic Romance Short Story

12 pages10 minutes


Melinda isn't quite sure yet if she's raving mad or not. It would appear she has just been instantly transported from her own living room on Christmas Eve to the North Pole with Santa Jr.

Santa Jr. wants Melinda to stay there with him, and love her for all eternity. But she's confused, doubting him, and her own sanity.

Santa Jr. asks his dad for a huge snowstorm for Christmas; he wants to be snowed in with Melinda just long enough to show her that he is real, that he means what he says, and to make her believe in the magic.

LANGUAGE / TONE - Romantic language. No sexual vulgarity. Sex is romantic and loving. No sexual violence. Moderately explicit.

A Christmas Erotic Romance short story of approx 2,500 words.

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