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Hoeism: Born To Do It

185 pages2 hours


Lies, lies, lies...oh, my!
Shanae Alexander is not your average lady...far from it. Just ask her string of lovers, including former boyfriend Tremaine, who learned the toughest lesson of all. Interested in only one thing, she meander
s her way in and out of lust-filled sex, until greed takes hold...and the unflappable Shanae finds herself in over her head. But what she doesn’t realize is an unsuspecting admirer is about to play her at her own game, and the stakes have just been raised.

Hard-working Lowell Washington loves girlfriend Giselle and the life they share; yet Giselle wants more. His last name, a baby and security linger in her mind. Lowell on the other hand has secrets that must be revealed, the question is when will it happen? Shanae and Lowell find out the hard way that past mistakes affect your future, especially when it was all conceived through HOEISM!

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